Wool LDP Program

Due to low wool market demand and prices, TSPA decided not to have a 2024 wool pool. Future decisions will be made on an annual basis.  Therefore, TSPA wants to make the membership aware of the Loan Deficiency Payment (LDP) program and how to participate to receive those funds.

All the information gathered is from the FSA.USDA.GOV website and State of TN FSA Office.

The Wool LDP (Loan Deficiency Payment) Rates are listed on the Price Support Website under the Weekly Commodity Rates and then click on the Wool and Mohair LDP rates Excel workbook.

Currently there is an effective LDP rate for Micron Range 19.6 – 28.9, for Ungraded Wool and for Unshorn Pelts.  New wool rates are published every week so check often for current pricing. 

The producer will certify on the CCC-633EZ to maintaining control of the commodity and will indicate what type of wool in Item N.

For Graded Wool, the producer will have to provide a core test report indicating the micron and weight data.

For ungraded wool, the producer will certify to the quantity in Item N of the attached CCC-633EZ.

LDP’s for unshorn pelts will be based on a standard weight of 6.865 pounds per pelt and multiplied by the ungraded wool effective LDP rate.

$0.40 (ungraded effective LDP rate) x 6.865 LBS (standard weight) = $2.746 (payment per pelt)


Example for 10 pelts

Payment per unshorn pelt $ 2.746

Quantity of unshorn pelts x 10

Payment $27.46

In order to receive LDP payments you must fill out for CCC-633EZ and submit with your local FSA Office

For more information or to submit the CCC-633EZ form contact your local FSA location.  Click on link below to find your local office.